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Medical Transcription Services

Medical transcription refers to the process of manual scavenging of voice reports obtained from physicians and other healthcare professionals and converting them to a written version.

The Medical transcription process is brought about by a team of expert medical professionals from a hospital. They receive the voice files along with the dictation of medical documents from noted healthcare providers and try to convert them into text.

The medical reports once properly transcribed are prepared in a digital format and usually sent to the hospital's Electronic Health Record or Electronic Medical Record system for safekeeping as important records. With modernization in every field, medical professionals have begun using speech recognition software and medical transcription software to help them in their process of transcribing Medical data.

Duties Involved In A Medical Transcription Service

Duties Involved In A Medical Transcription Service

There are a wide variety of applications of transcription services for medical professionals on a regular basis. Their associated work revolves around the lot-

  • Transcription of the voice recordings regarding the medical history of a patient and sorting them to be used in a variety of medical specialities like Radiology, Acute Care and Oncology.

  • Interpretation of the transcribed medical information including categorising the recorded data into several groups like notes, operative reports, patient records, consultations and discharge summaries.

  • Preparing a final review followed by a final edit of the transcription by the use of speech recognition apps to guarantee an accurate use of medical terminology while perfecting patient care.

  • Lastly, it also includes the process of entering the patient information into the medical records system of the organisation

How To Become A Medical Transcriptionist?

In order to become a medical transcriptionist there are a variety of education programs that are available with the potential of churning out the best medical transcriptionists. The process however needs a lot of training as it is a standardised path that requires a lot of time and effort.

  • In many cases, the MT will see himself going through a post-secondary education from a vocational school or even a local community college. An additional requirement to this for an MT is to have a decent proficiency in English or any of the primary languages of the health system. A better understanding of medical terminology is necessary with proper typing and listening skills.

  • Candidates can also become certified medical transcriptionists by applying for a degree from the Association for Healthcare Documentation Integrity (AHDI). However, this CHDS certificate is offered to medical language specialists already honoured with an RHDS certificate.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Do they accept handwritten records?

    Most MTs have now begun accepting handwritten notes as well to improve their acceptance and fluidity.

Q2. What is the future of the field of medical transcription Services?

    In the future, medical transcription Services is expected to become a very cost-effective and helpful means of recording important information.

Q3. What is the dictation process?

    It refers to the processes of dictation by the medical providers and can use a variety of methods like via phone, voice recorder, or by even a useful smartphone app.

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